Clear skies ahead or just high pressure?

24th February thinkings … What does it do?

My Problem: 2030 has brought an onset of increasingly busy lifestyles; people are juggling personal and professional responsibilities whilst facing the pressures of an expectant society (exceed,  perform, excel, produce, appearance.) How can the processing power enabled by cloud computing and available to the users be harnessed to aid their professional and social lives – to keep them up-to-date, in the loop, keeping them youthful and productive.

curated, data-rich experience.

data/updates brought to the user.

live feeds

corporate email, personal email, blog feeds, news updates, Amazon-style (those who bought, also looked at … why not consider …) Topshop style picks, Facebook updates, RSS feeds, Twitter updates. Bank account summaries, library accounts, schedules..

unpredicted, unexpected

Your cloud is able to bring your updates directly to you – into the enriched environment you are situated in; workplace/workspace, home, public place (open environment.)


is this different from what we already have? i.e. facebook, twitter, email, rss, subscriptions?

These updates get delivered to you, en mass, like clockwork. Their content is always changing with every delivery – are you always interested in them, do you always investigate further, follow links, dig?

Could the cloud be implemented, accessed to make these deliveries more intuitive? For users to only receive updates that are of use to them right then. Specific to their current activity/engagement?

How to keep it exciting, engaging? keep the element of surprise …

it doesn’t play into your comfort zone, not just the blogs you subscribe to, but ones like it – most popular, most talked about. Researching for you, going that extra step further.

Extends your view, expanding horizons.

Keeps you in line with popular discussions.

General Generalisation. but, within that,

Personal Development.

limited exposure

is the cloud able to ‘switch’ off some feeds dependant on your mood …

or, option to reveal yourself to different levels in different environments.


Opacity vs Visibility

Cloud yourself

Cloak yourself

Switch depending on your location. Limited flow dependant on engagement. restricted.

If high volumes of data, based on personal preferences are being streamed directly to the individual, and projected into their surrounding environment (enabled by what? … ID chip, ID card?) what issues regarding privacy will be raised? i.e. what are the bad points? (make it a rounded proposal kirsty)

Would people keep some switches off all the time in the public place – would they restrain from subscribing to feeds and updates because they do not wish them to be projected, known by others.

Could the cloud stream fake updates, masks. Looks less conspicuous than no updates, i.e. ‘something to hide’. 

Could you download a package that would hide your real feeds? (dark cloud.)


It feeds personalised, curated data directly to you.

It reacts to the situation / environment you are in. work, public place (restrict the flow of personal, social feeds) on your own (restrict potentially embarrassing, judgemental feeds)

Using intuitive switches, your cloud can control what feeds you are receiving when ( to reduce bombardment) and also expand you ‘standard’ feeds to include those out with your comfort zone, and those graded as most popular- most talked about. It opens up possibilities, opportunities for the user, guiding them.

It is an aid to conversation and appearance, providing links, stats, proof and intriguing related topics to follow.

One question posed by Mil: will people want to be pursued by all this data, to be constantly informed, updated …?

I think yes, people will be seeking ways to develop themselves, in an age where they will be increasingly scrutinised. They will be looking to expand existing knowledge, in short, to become more than what they are already.

I have played out several aspects of this … system, is suppose it is, through my three users. Each using it in a slightly different way in professional and private lives. Sketched out in storyboard form, it shows how the system overlaps, what connections it allows for in the  seemingly alienating world that cloud computing is creating for us.

Pictures to follow, it’s too dark now.

I need to work out if I can script  up these exact stories to ‘film’. or if they need reconfiguring. Work for tomorrow! I need to draw each story separately too, to show the overlay of the system.



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