developing tools…

Description cards. A brief insight into the term used, what it includes and what it is used for. Table-top design: choreographing what elements might be useful, what the group want to learn more about, who might be particularly interested in which area.

In an ideal world. Developed from traditional ‘Offering Map’ which shows, synthetically, what the new service will offer its users. I wanted to use a similar approach which allows the group to map out what they would ideally provide, what their ultimate dream of the service would be. This provides results which the Service Designer can work within, parameters to reach towards, goals to try to achieve.

I read (somewhere) about the importance of identifying and using ‘internal champions’. I think it might be a very good idea to have an individual within the group who is, in a way,a facilitator. Who can guide and oversee the project developments at the times when the designer is not present. I don’t want it to be a role of obvious responsibility, merely to provide the links and go-between, a clear central position in the collaboration. This champion doesn’t need to be someone high up in the business, in fact it would be better not to be. Someone central, approachable and integrated.

Providing feedback to the designer is a crucial element for the next stages of the design process. Allowing the Service Designer to see what has come out of the introductory stage, what has been picked up and where the organisation are thinking of going. The stickers are a clear and easy way of showing this, rather than written answers which can be complicate and misunderstood.



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