PdPlus – Product Design Degree Show 2010

Graduating from the Glasgow School of Art isn’t about the gown or the scroll, the jam tarts and the flat Cava, it’s all about your degree show. Putting your hard work on show for the world to see. We do it through a week-long exhibition and online at http://www.pdplus.co.uk/ check it out!

(Website by http://benpawle.co.uk/)

Over in Product Design we like to do things a little differently. We fund, design, manage and build our entire show by ourselves. We source all of the materials needed, put all the plans together and live up to our reputation of the best bar in the school.

The Exhibition team (Rose, Eeva, Zoe and I) had to work out how to fit 18 exhibitors into a room that had previously housed 11. We wanted to create a more open exhibition, allowing free flow of visitors between and around the boards and to encourage our viewers to see more than one person’s work at once.

From sketches and scribbles, wildly inaccurate maths to beautifully joined structures our exhibition came to life. I literally put my blood, sweat and tears into our degree show, and I for one am incredibly proud of what we achieved.

Worth the sleepless nights pulling together construction plans, worth the hours spend drilling, sawing, screwing, painting, slotting, cutting, sewing and stapling once everyone else had gone home. The exhibition was my 4th project this year, as much part of my work on show as that which was on my board. I really enjoyed bringing it all together (even if I did get a little bit emotional at times!) and I discovered that as well as Product Design and Service Design, I love being an Exhibition Designer.

So here it is, Product Design Plus.

We had two opening nights on the 10th and 11th of June for both our friends, families, sponsors, clients, partners, users, classmates and, well, anyone else, to come along and share . These were both followed by a spectcular amount of dancing, including the best Art School street party I have ever been to.

A big thank you to all those who came along, you really made it special.

Product Design Plus

Keira Anderson, Iain Archibald, Holly Brenan, Eeva Campbell, Lauren Coleman, Fraser Gibb, Rose Hutton, Rachel Kerr, Christina Kinnear, Roberta Knox, Megan Lambie, Zoe Milne, Betsy Peacock, James Portoeus, Greig Robinson, Fee Schmidt-Soltau, Kirsty Sinclair, Jen Stewart.


One thought on “PdPlus – Product Design Degree Show 2010

  1. These photos are amazing Kirsty – they really capture the fact that this night is for your family and the people that love you just as much as it about your work. Congratulations again my lady xx

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