Do trust in the things you love.

Every so often you come across something that gives you more than just a little nudge. A person, a photograph, song lyrics or a particular view that make you breathe a little deeper and really take credit for what has put that thing in front of you.

I came across this talk online link through a post from a dear friend of mine – the wonderful (and truly beautiful) Rachel Joanne Kerr (who is living proof that vision, determination and a smile will get you a whole lot of places that you want to go.)

If you’ve got a spare 20 minutes, give Mickey’s talk a listen. If not, make sure you watch his film ‘The Dark Side of the Lens’ which is included within it.Mickey’s name has been known to me as a surf photographer for some time. You find a lot of surf photography showing the sun-sparkled, tropical shores of Indo and Hawaii, which is pretty. What Mickey does is capture the harshness and grit involved with surfing the British coast.
Surf photographers are often the unseen heroes of the industry – they are the first in the water and the last out, putting their body through intense physical circumstances (not to mention the potential harm from crashes) and making sure to take care of the incredibly expensive equipment at the same time. They bottle the essence of the lifestyle, not just the sport.

Mickey is all about the angles, the unexpected details that others tend to miss and telling it like it is. Very much what I like think about my own approach to designing.

This talk is honest, humble and really got me thinking.

He talks of lessons taught by his mother; setting a challenge to constantly expand your own curiosity, exploring new ways of being creative, not to put yourself into a pigeon-hole or set a final destination of your goals. He’s a true storyteller; not the performing type that holds massive audiences in awe, but the kind you can imagine having a pint with.

I’ve been thinking recently about making the most of my own creativity, making it the focal point of what I do. It seems silly, like that should be the ‘be all and end all’ of what I spend my days doing, but in reality you get tied up in admin, emails, buying posits and packing up workshops. This nudge has got me thinking about how I can do that, how I can perhaps present back my process with a similar smile on my face.

So thank you to Rachel, and thank you to Mickey (if you’re reading this, that pint would be lovely.)

Until the next finger beckons, I’ll play with the stories, patterns and angles in my head – then I’ll go exploring again.

/ Kj


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