Embroidery – The Mary Papers

Once upon a time, I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a few weeks of experimental textile & embroidery classes while I was studying in Göteborg.
We explored methods of stitching, weaving, knitting and combining materials. We learned of the composition and subsequent breakdown of materials – using heating methods, pastes & glues, as well as ink. It was excellent fun and I learned a tremendous amount.
Towards the end of this class, we were given the opportunity to create a piece of embroidery illustrating a story or tale. I chose to bring to life a story I had read long ago; the story of a girl named Mary who is shipped to the New World. She records her story as diary entries, and stitches the pages into a quilt. The quilt, in turn, depicts hints at her many journeys through it’s patterns and decorations. I wanted to take the descriptions from the book and add my own spin on them.

SONY DSCHome: Bramble thickets, English rose gardens, herb gardens and the carriage to take Mary away.

SONY DSCVoyage: Waxed canvas, weathered seas and half a silver coin to the first to spot land.

SONY DSCNew World: Journey into the forest, constructing the cabins, exploring the woods and dark clouds forming.

SONY DSCJourneys further: Learning the magical ways of the nearby Native American tribe


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