Hello there.

This blog is all about the work I do, the people I meet and the things that inspire me. My adventures and journeys.
I like to write a little something to remember a particular learning, conversation or to capture something that made me think in a new way.

I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, where I learned that design can be applied as a process to a whole number of issues. It’s a way of looking at problems, a mindset and a collections of skills that allow you to tackle each and every problem with a new direction.
My skills as a designer are becoming more and more useful to sectors and areas of expertise once considered seperate and unconnected.

It’s these new ventures and connections that I am really interested in; taking my designing into new fields.

I like working with people to make things better, whether that is scribbling in a sketchbook over a pot of tea, a group of inspiring individuals and a pack of postits, a chat on a train or speaking at Holyrood.
Design is changing the way we live, work and play. It’s an exciting journey.

/ Kj


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