Drawing Challenge

A sideline project from Visual Artist Victoria Evans.
The idea is a simple one, draw each day in February, upload as you go to the central wall, comment and connect with the other artists and use the last day to package everything up for a physical exhibition.

Rediscovered pages

Packing up my old room lead me to find a hoard of unfinished sketchbooks. I’m going to use a page from each of them for this challenge – so my drawings will be different sizes, shapes and on different paper types. I might take inspiration from what is in the sketchbooks already.
Comments and ideas for what you would like to see me drawing would be brilliant!
Take a look at what is being uploaded by the others on the facebook page.


The view outside my new studio window. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: a birthday present from mommy Sinclair – intended as a journal of types. It has my name and address in the front page, nothing else.


A wee bit of me. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: from rosehipcards.com and containing sketches from my RSA doctor  your pocket project in 4th year as well as a few sketches from our trip to Edsbyn, including the phrase “the trip up was amazing fun – I can’t say I’ve laughed that much in a long time – this is going to be fun.”


Sketch from the top of a tree. I went climbing today. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: a handmade effort dating from 2008. Including Sinclair summer holiday (a portrait of ‘Evil Knevel’ from Fiona & Wimbeldon final sketches), my time in Göteborg (how to fell a sleeping Elk by cutting down the tree it is leaning against, boat races and trains) and notes from the 1st day of 4th year “Carve out a niche”


I set myself the task of creating an illustrated cv today – the story of Kirsty Joan. Edinburgh. I filmed myself drawing it, you can watch the video here.

Sketchbook: an A3 tear-out with a nice thickness of pages. It has Zebras on the front, but no old drawings, sadly.


Today was mainly about sewing, and rugby. I made a new jacket for Braeburn, because he is doing a superb job. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: an A5 Goldline with a lovely yellow cover. Inside are collections from magazines and other clippings with my thoughts scribbles [sometimes in Swedish}, Photoshop instructions and portfolio ideas circa 2009. Also, a small collection of ferry times to Jura, Eigg, Mull, Mock and Arran – most of which I have not yet visited.


More of a doodle than my previously visited sketches. This lyric caught my ear today. The trees are just outside my house. The light was quite delicious today, but I might have caught it a wee bit late. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: my new favourite fabric-covered moleskin. Photograph from the front street, 5 mins in Photoshop.


A found drawing: sketch showing the view from my 4th year desk in the PD studio. Featuring, pre:design postits, Andy’s broken bike, embroidery hoop and a corner of St Aloysius’. Glasgow circa April 2010.

Sketchbook: not a sketchbook at all. Sheet of finest 80gsm A4.


I love that this project is allowing me to discover lost secrets in old sketchbooks. I had great fun packing these up, although acquired a few paper cuts. Glasgow.

Sketchbook: a small, square, hardback Seawhite including a few shopping lists on postits, sketches of Glasgow Cathedral, the Burrell Collection, mashup smoking/teddybear/radio project, turbulence drawings en route to Stockholm, bus sketches en route to Aberdeen.


A trip through Glasgow today. I do like the yellow seating in Charing Cross station, and once found a Tunnocks caramel wafer sitting upon it (I did not eat it, I left it to delight the next visitor in the same way.)
This drawing does nothing to capture the very particular scent of this station, of which I am quite grateful. I am quite dreadful at drawing diamonds at speed it seems. Glasgow.

Sketchbook: current favourite self fabric-covered moleskin. Featuring my life at present.

DAY 10

I met the lovely Rachel Jane for lunch at the equally lovely Cookoo Bakery on Dundas Street. While waiting, I drew some of their delicious cakes. The bottom-right was rather scrumptious, the bottom left was a gift to my cleverclogs sister for finishing her exams today.

Sketchbook: from early 3rd year, and the beginnings of my trip to Sweden. Featuring design magazine clippings, articles in Swedish, sketches on napkins, and business card ideas for There’s Actually Two of Us – between Rachel and myself.

DAY 11

A beautiful bunch of colourful flowers appeared on the table, from the lovely visiting cousins. The setup reminded me so much of school days that I thought I would challenge myself to draw as if I was in high school. I don’t think I quite have the patience these days – perhaps I should have allocated a 55 minute period? I did use my new paste pencils though. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: A beautiful, wooden printed, hardback bound birthday gift from Nicola. There are carousel horses on the front, and a sketched word-cloud of my time in Sweden on the inside.

DAY 12

A lazy Sunday of Rugby and stories from the nights before. Pavlova for breakfast. This is Catriona, who was on the front cover of the Sunday Herald today. Not my best effort really. Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: Last years birthday gift from Lauren. There are Swedish ladies and Swedish writing on the front. On the inside is a letter that I have written to the future me, in 2016. Some of the ideas are still the same, but the finer details are going to change a lot.

DAY 13

Final sprint on the folio today. This is the sketch version of my front cover – after a fully enjoyable hour spent on pinterest looking for inspiration. What do you think? Edinburgh.

Sketchbook: A4 white from one of Dad’s briefcase clear-outs. No idea what Ashridge is?

DAY 14

A trip to Glasgow today. Where else can you find a Spitfire and a giraffe in the same room but the lovely Kelvingrove. Glasgow.

Sketchbook: an address book/quote book from may days in Sweden. The ‘S’ page holds a Romeo & Juliet quote stitched into the paper. I wonder where that went?

DAY 15

There was a beautiful light around today, it almost looked Autumnal… I took a walk up the hills behind my house…through the woods, over the bridge, under the bridge, over the stile, through more woods, past the cyclists and up!
Sit and watch Edinburgh working away below.

Sketchbook: from Roberta. The first page holds the brilliant inscription: “This is a happy birthday/I’m so so sorry I drilled your fingernail (oh no, wait, sawed your fingernail) Congratulations!”

DAY 16

Today I met lovely Emily. We had cake and good catch-up chats. You can see her stories here, and listen to some cool tunes while you are at it. We also had a wee wander around a pop-up vintage fair, conveniently located in Bristo Square, and with a bus, for the live music. I was a little early so did my sketch, people watching at the same time. Edinburgh Uni can be a very funny place.

Sketchbook: from Amy (people give me A LOT of sketchbooks). It is pink with a screen-print falcon on the front, and contains handwritten blog posts, an extensively large list for stationary shopping and curious list I’ve made when trying to organise my birthday; involving peoples initials, parking instructions and a drawing of a hoodie.

DAY 17

I got a new haircut in preparation for my BIG WEEK next week. Bangs are back! My face is below the hair, but did not want to take part in the drawing. It was late.

Sketchbook: Recycled paperback from Sweden. Including early notes on my dissertation, a drawing of a jacket and, best of all, felt-tip drawings by a wee boy named William. We were waiting in Goteborg airport for many hours; he to go back to Scotland to see his Grandad, me to welcome a friend off the plane. He has drawn Sweden, a house, three planes, some flags and a coloured robot. Joy.

DAY 18

Went through to Helensburgh today, to see the lovely Rachel and co. Reminiscing of guddling in the burn up the road and building dens; gorgeous food and brilliant company. Driving back to Edinburgh I was trying to trace the path of the light from the streetlamps as it passed over the paper. There is not that much to draw on the motorway in the dark. Glasgow – Hearthill junctions.

Sketchbook: That old favourite fabric-covered moleskine. It has everything in it at the moment.

DAY 19

Driving down the country with Dad, eating hardgums and singing to Eric Clapton. Arrived in London to a flat full of familiar faces and smiles. I am oh-so lucky to have such wonderful people to scoop me up. Lots of love and giggles today. Finsbury Park.

Sketchbook: found L&B notebook. Unused but not unloved. Adore the numbered pages.

DAY 20

The Adventure begins! Spent the afternoon in the beautiful British Library getting prepped. They have tree sculptures outside. I added the swirls and leaves on the tube on the way home, I thought they needed a bit of embellishment.

Sketchbook: L&B again. It’s going to be used a lot this week!

DAY 21

Skipping around town and in search of a cafe to spend an hour or so before pancake time. The one I chose, The Blue Legume has an excellent selection of things on the walls and ceilings to doodle, and good soup, and wifi.

Sketchbook: L&B

DAY 22

Teapod, I have not been in pretty much 4 years – can you believe that Rachel Jane? I drew the teapots, and received some funny looks for my efforts.

Sketchbook: L&B

DAY 23

Today was a thouroughly brilliant day. One to be remembered, mainly for the look on Keely’s face at the hearing of my news.

Sketchbook: L&B

DAY 24

A full 7 hours on the East Coast train today. Goodbye London [for a while] Hello Aberdeen! The views outside were gorgeous, but rather hard to draw at speed. This was my view for that time [minus the 18-part hen party, who alighted at Edinburgh, thank goodness.]

Sketchbook: L&B

DAY 25

Service Jam 2012 in Aberdeen is in full swing! Talking, designing, making, sketching, prototyping, interviewing, laughing, filming …. go!

Sketchbook: L&B

DAY 26

The final day of Service Jam 2012 and the Aberdeen team is racing to the finish line. Teams are making and filming for their video prototypes – this sketch features half of Charlotte and half of Rachel [they switched places as I was drawing] and the wonderful Virginia, hard at work. Doesn’t quite do justice to the sheer number of post-its used across the weekend.

Sketchbook: Back of an A3 Business Model Canvas, stolen/borrowed from Student Designers.

DAY 27

Last day on the move – I’ve been living out of a suitcase for 8 days now. This scene has been a bit of a companion in the last week/month. I have been on A LOT of trains. This one is from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Theme tune of the moment: Friendly Fires.

Sketchbook: The well-travelled We Are What We Do diary for 2012. From Santa.

DAY 28

And that was February! A month of goodbyes, new beginnings, packing up and clearing out, reflecting, presenting, making, finding old memories, the best friends and many, many trains. Today I rounded up all of my adventurings and conversations of the month, I’m all set for the next wee part of my future. I’ve got a bit of a grin on my face: London here I come!

Sketchbook: ever since the ‘Hidden Treasure’ theme was announced for #gsj12 I have been looking forward to making some good old Blue Peter-tastic treasure map paper. Tea bags and coffee sprinkling. Got to try out these lovely Derwent colours too [thank you Alex, you are awesome!]

28 days, 28 drawings; sketches, doodles, photoshops, blackonwhite, colour, texture. I’ll definitely be taking part in the project next year and I would encourage you to too, it’s a great way to record your days, make them a little bit more special.

Roll on next year.

/ Kj


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